Are you having issues with your current internet provider or connection? Not getting the speed you need to keep your business running at full steam 24/7? You are losing valued productivity with every second you are not connected to the internet. Save frustrations waiting on a phone line probably trying to reach an offshore call centre, who do not understand your local requirements. Let ASH NET, the local experts sort your issues for you. We will set it all up with a connection that works, and keeps connected, according to your business needs..

As ASH NET are local people with local knowledge, communicating daily with all available companies who firstly physically install the connection to your business (unless there are connections already in place), your frustrations are eliminated.

Once we get you connected ASH NET will also monitor your service to ensure you have no breakpoints in connection at any time. We also monitor the speeds to ensure they are what they should be, according to your upload and download needs and the package you purchased. If they aren’t, we will get it sorted for you! No more waiting on a chat line for hours with a technician speaking in hi-tech lingo that you aren’t familiar with.


ASH NET are experts in all internet and IT services, and we are local. So we know the available internet options in your area and we chat with you to find out what you really need, and what you don’t need!) There are no hidden costs or service fees that you will be hit with that are not made clear to you. Our terms and conditions are clear and easy to read, and we look after you! From the start and ongoing. We do all the setup stuff for you at no extra cost, and we are available locally 24/7 if you have any issues or questions.

ASH NET is working with businesses every day and night providing many internet and IT services, so we understand how important your connectivity is to your business performance and client base.


Full local support 24/7 – ASH NET provide 24/7 support, locally in New Zealand. No more waiting for offshore chat lines without a phone number during business hours or stuck for connection after hours when they may be closed. 0800 ASH NET will get us in a flash.

Fast speeds – all packages provide fast speed internet according the package you purchase, to let you and your staff get on with running your business without the worry of what happens when things go wrong. ASH NET guarantees low ping for gamers and video chat, Netflix, YouTube and other online services.We also guarantee speed for large bandwidth users like hotels, internet cafés and other businesses needing access for multiple users.

Dedicated link with minimized latency – ASH NET provides all companies, including New Zealand and other countries, with a dedicated link tailored to your business needs.