Cloud Backup

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Ensure All Your Business Data Remains Safe & Secure

Cloud backup allows you to store all your data to a remote, cloud-based server. Cloud storage allows you to access your data safely and securely from multiple distributed and connected resources.

You Need to Back Up Your Essential Business Data on Cloud Storage because:

It is Affordable

Cloud backup is inexpensive when compared to physical storages. As there is no expense in transportation and safekeeping of the data (as in the case of physical storage), cloud backup is a better storage option.

It is Convenient

Online backup brings convenience. It frees you from storing your data on to physical storages like flash drives and hard drives. Moreover, if you host a fairly large Website then making a back up on a physical storage media seems impractical. You can easily access cloud backup from anywhere using the Internet. Further cloud storage frees you from the chore of labeling the data.

It is Ease of Access

As long as you can connect to the remote server, you can access all the data you’ve stored on the cloud storage. Doesn’t matter where you access your data from, you’ll have the same ease of access.

It is Easy to Recover

Backups are easily available. Multiple levels of redundancy ensure your backup is secure and easily and readily available. We store multiple copies your essential data to provide an easy way to recover in case of emergency.

It is Safe

Your data is safe against natural calamities, including fire and flood – and even accidental deletion.

Why choose us for your Cloud Storage Drive?

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

ASH NET has proven reliability history. We guarantee 99.99% uptime for all online products.

Full User Support

Got a problem? No problem. 0800 ASH NET, our Support Team is available 24/7, toll free, to sort any issues. No problem.

Instant Setup

Our powerful automated system will create your new Cloud Storage Drive as soon as your order is confirmed. No waiting, you start enjoying your new Cloud Storage Drive immediately.