Service Price List

Affordable Pricing

Despite offering the highest standard of services within the stipulated time, we do not ask for exorbitant charges. We believe in catering to the specific needs of clients and walking that extra mile for your benefit. One of the cornerstones of our business is honest and transparent pricing policy. Here you will find the list of pricing for some of our most popular services.

Website Migration to ASH HOST

We offer website migrations free of cost. Generally, it takes around 12 hours for us to complete the migration. With us, you will have to pay just a minimum annual registration fee to manage all the website stuff from one spot.

Install cPanel Website Management Panel on Server

Another emergency service, which is very helpful for running an online business, is the installation of the website management panel on the server. We install cPanel for easy website management on your server free of charges.

Remove Virus/Malware from Private Server

If you are using a private server, it will require thorough cleaning of viruses and malware from time to time. We provide emergency malware and virus cleaning services for $150. It takes around 48 hours to complete the task.

Secure Private Server from Vulnerabilities and Attack

Within just 72 hours, our expert team can remove all security issues, protecting your server against attacks, for just $250.

Joomla Software Installation

In just an hour, we can conduct Joomla Software installation for you at just $50.

WordPress Software Installation

Our charges for WordPress Software installation is $50 too.

Forum Software Installation

Installing Forum Software will take only an hour and cost you $50 only.

Drupal Software Installation

Those looking for Drupal Software Installation can get the service at $50 as well.

Service Price List:

Service Time Frame Price Order
12 Hours Order Today
Immediate Order Today
48 Hours Order Today
72 Hours Order Today
1 Hour Order Today
1 Hour Order Today
1 Hour Order Today
1 Hour Order Today