PBX is the acronym for Public Branch Exchange. PBX is the technology that is used by a telephone provider to route calls. So if you are using multiple phone extensions (whether it is VoIP or not) PBX is the required technology.

In the old days PBX was provided as costly hardware that was stored onsite. These days, with the more efficient and secure cloud technologies and servers available remotely (on the Cloud), PBX no longer requires onsite hardware. Everything is now stored and managed remotely, on the Cloud, hence the term CloudPBX.


Are you spending valuable profits unnecessarily on expensive landline local or international calls? Even mobile call costs can be largely reduced or eliminated with a ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’’ (VoIP) phone system. A VoIP phone system using Cloud PBX technology could be the answer to increased profits, among many other business benefits.

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Why ASH NET for your Cloud PBX

As ASH NET are a VoIP phone system provider, we can also install and configure the full VoIP system or upgrade your current system to enjoy improved performance and efficiency. So we can take care of the full end to end process from providing your VoIP phones and Cloud PBX system, to setting you up, training your staff, monitoring and providing post installation support.

ASH NET are experts in all VoIP phone systems and installation requirements, and we are local. Local people with global knowledge.So we chat face to face with you to find out what you really need, and what you don’t need! There are no hidden costs or service fees that you will be hit with that are not made clear to you. Our terms and conditions are clear and easy to read, and we look after you! From the start and ongoing. We are available 24/7 if you have any issues or questions.

ASH NET is working with businesses every day providing many other communication, internet and IT services that are related to an efficient, continuously operating VoIP phone system with Cloud PBX. So we understand how important your communication is to your client base and uninterrupted business performance.

After assessing your budget and business needs with a free consultation, ASH NET then provides a quote for your Cloud PBX based on those requirements. With many years of knowledge in this area, and all other VoIP and Cloud PBX associated services, you can be assured you are talking to experts.

We are well known for excellent customer service. If we can’t resolve your issues remotely, we will send a technician on-site so you can keep doing what you are best at – running your business!

Call us today to chat with someone who listens! Our fully trained expert will tell you in plain English what you need for both now and the future (and why), without the ‘hard-sell’ of extra equipment and services that don’t suit those requirements.