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  • HTML 5 Website Design
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready
  • Low Cost Website Hosting
  • Full Ownership Rights and Sources

Conduct Your Business from Compact and Efficient Websites

Ash Host is the premium choice for mobile optimized and fully responsive website designing services. Well-designed websites are the key to reaching out to more customers and running a business profitably. Our effective web designing solutions take care of every concern of the client resourcefully. Our 100% responsive websites ensure a great browsing and navigation experience to every visitor who comes to your website.

HTML 5-Coded Design

We provide web-designing services as per new coding requirements. We are committed to providing excellent HTML 5 production. HTML 5 adds newer and better features to the website designs, making them more efficient and attractive. Moreover, all the websites we design are compliant to W3.org.

Better Responsiveness

No matter whether the visitor uses Smartphone, phablet, tablet, laptop, or any other computing device to view your website, it will be fully responsive. Every visitor will get quality streaming, along with quick and easy navigation options, to explore your website. Better user experience will translate into enhanced business revenues for you.

Outright Transparency

We provide our clients with a copy of the original artwork used for making their website design exclusive. Generally, we provide the copy in .psd Photoshop file format. This enables clients to have full ownership of the artwork and its usage.

WHMCS License Available

Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly

More & more website visitors are viewing through mobile devices, requiring on-the-fly flexible styling to suit the varying viewports.
ASH NET-produced websites are created 100% responsive from the ground up, ensuring the best experience for all visitors to your website.

Included with all packages as standard:

All ASH NET websites have a comprehensive & easy-to-manage secure administration area. Website management is a breeze, even with no previous experience.

HTML 5 Coded Design

HTML 5 brings some amazing abilities to web browsers. With new coding requirements upon us, ASH NET is committed to HTML 5 production. All our websites are guaranteed W3.org compliant.

Fully Responsive

Responsive means your new website design will respond to the device it’s being viewed on – Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or TV. Our responsive coding provides a quality experience for all visitors.

Design Sources

We provide you with a copy of all original source artwork (usually in .psd Photoshop file format) so you retain artistic control over your online property

Ownership Rights

Upon receipt of payment, the website is yours – content, URL, coding, database – the lot. No onerous contracts from us, we think you’ll stay because we provide great service, not because you’ve signed a contract.