Who We Are & What We Do

Started as an internet café by the name of ASH Internet Café in downtown Auckland City, by Ash Khatib in 2001, ASH Net has now emerged as the leading provider of open host and various hosting solutions. With his policy of providing nothing but the best computers and peripherals to customers, ASH Internet Café soon became the largest internet café chain in Auckland. Enthusiastic and efficient about providing exceptional hosting solutions, ASH NET kept enhancing its list of services over the years, helping a growing number of clients reach their business goals.

What Can We Do for You?

We are now a one-stop destination for all your IT service needs. Our business has branched into several different sectors for handling different types of works, such as Internet Service Provider, Internet Telephony Provider, Computer Repair Workshops, Hosting Services, IT Support Service Provider, and ASH Net Internet Cafes. The one principle, which every segment of our vast and expanding business follows, is providing complete customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships.

Our cost-effective pricing policy, transparent billing, and hard work help us get repeat business from long-standing and satisfied customers. We also offer the money back guarantee to secure the investments of clients but we never received complaints that required refunding. However, our 24/7 customer support is always ready to mitigate any problem that clients might face.

ASH HOST – a division of ASH NET Ltd

In 2001 (when broadband was an emerging technology, LCD screens weren’t heard of and Pentium 4 reigned supreme) Ash Khatib set up the first ASH NET Internet Cafe in downtown Auckland City. His policy of providing the very best computers & equipment with the fastest Internet connection possible proved a hit with the local community as customers streamed in day & night. ASH NET was soon expanding, eventually becoming Auckland’s largest chain of Internet Cafes.

We’ve come a long way since the early years, ASH NET is now a multi-faceted IT Services Provider, company divisions include:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Internet Telephony Provider (VoIP)
  • Computer Repair Workshops
  • Hosting Services
  • IT Support Service provider
  • ASH NET Internet Cafes

Each division follows the same original principles – delivering the best possible customer experience to ensure long-term repeat business.