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Secure and reliable business email hosting, accessible on the go. Fully featured and easy to manage, with spam and virus protection included.

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  • 1-4 Email Accounts
  • 60GB Storage
  • Mail Exchange Box
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Access from any device
  • Synchronization between all devices
  • Anti-Spam, Virus, Malware
  • Support for Mobile
  • Contacts, Calendar, To-Do list,
  • Web Outlook Experience
  • Useful for Start ups/Small Businesses
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  • 10+ Email Accounts
  • 60GB Storage per Account
  • 10 Mail Exchange Box
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Access from any device
  • Synchronization between all devices
  • Anti-Spam, Virus, Malware
  • Support for Mobile
  • Contacts, Calendar, To-Do list,
  • Web Outlook Experience
  • Powerful for Large Businesses
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Are you having difficulties managing your email that is stored on your laptop or PC? Maybe you are concerned about viruses that might delete all or some of your emails?

You should try our email hosting services for Office 365, with which you can store all your emails from the cloud, which will be accessible from a browser from any device. Including your laptop, PC or tablet. They will also be protected from viruses, and your privacy, security and content is no longer at risk if your device is lost, damaged or stolen.

Access your email through a web browser and connect with Office 365 with ease. ASH HOST provides secure cloud-based email facilities to businesses that value their privacy and appreciate information security. We also take care of all the setup and email transfers needed, letting you use the added space on your laptop or PC for something else!

NZ based servers

if you are concerned about having your information stored offshore, you needn’t worry with ASH HOST. All our servers are onshore in Auckland, New Zealand.

Three packages

We offer three different packages, depending on your needs. Bronze, Silver and Gold. There are many options with each package, with Bronze offering 1 email account, Silver has up to 5, or if you need 6 to 10 accounts for a larger business Gold would suit you best.

60GB storage

all packages have 60GB storage available. No more running out of space on your laptop or PC drive!

Unlimited data transfer

whether it be large videos you are trying to send or large sets of files, ASH HOST will set you up so you have no more messages saying ‘attachments are too large – can’t be sent’

Anti-spam and Malware included

forget about the days when you spent valuable time deleting spam emails, or worrying about viruses. All email accounts are managed behind the scenes without you receiving frustrating spam from unwanted senders. Imagine how much spare time you and your staff will have without having to delete daily spam on your email software that is currently installed on your laptop or PC!

Virus protection included

Your account is also fully protected 24/7 for viruses. As ASH HOST is in the business, we get to know about potential threats before they hit your account, and take immediate action to monitor and maintain protection while you work or sleep.

Contacts, Calendar and To Do Lists

just like you have on your current laptop, PC or mobile phone, contacts, calendars and To Do Lists are provided. Even better, they will be available on all your devices including mobile phones and tablets. Your account is constantly syncing, so you can access and update this information from anywhere, on all devices at the same time. You will no longer worry about missing important meetings if you have no connection or battery on your PC or laptop.

Why ASH HOST for Office365?

ASH HOST are experts in all internet and IT services. We are NZ’s finest hosting solution provider, offering email domains, web hosting, and various other services. We offer 24/7 support, locally in New Zealand. No more waiting for offshore chat lines without a phone number during business hours or after hours. 0800 ASH HOST will get us in a flash. We are well known for excellent customer service, as we manage many other internet needs of our customers from small to large.

Included as Standard in every package – Instant setup, secure, encrypted email access, data transfer from your current email device or host to your new Office365 account, fully protected on our New Zealand based servers.

ASH HOST provides secure cloud-based email facilities to businesses that value their privacy & appreciate information security. Access your email thru web browser or any email client (Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc) with ease.
Included as Standard

Manage all Your Business Emails at One Place

Keep all your important conversations safe, secure and easily accessible with us. All our cloud servers used for storing your valuable email information are customized to provide the best experience, security, and convenience.


Our Email Cloud servers are equipped with all the latest security tools to keep your valuable email information safe from hackers and other malicious threats. Hence, all your important business conversations are safe with us.


Operating an in-house email server makes you pay for server, OS, the email platform, as well as for the various expenses of the staff responsible for its upkeep. A cloud email service saves you from all these expenses and hence is a cost-effective solution for your email needs.


Your email service with us is easily scalable. You can start off with a small portion and eventually get more as your business grows over time.


Mammoth organizations have disaster recovery tools. These tools can be prohibitively expensive for small to medium sized businesses. There are always chances of an internal email server crashing. Recovering data from it is a deed destined to fail in most cases. Cloud email keeps all your email data safe from disasters and calamities.


No matter you wish to migrate from a standard Exchange server, Gmail, IMAP, or any other mail platforms, we make email migration super easy. We provide several migration options to choose the best as per your business requirements.


Questions about Hosting

Contact us by email or phone to discuss more about how we can provide Hosting Services that will streamline and increase the efficiency of your business.